From its beginning The Christian Community has been an independent sacramental community which views Christianity as a universal healing stream for all mankind, not to be fettered with one-sided and inflexible teachings or behavioural codes. It is by no means exclusive and welcomes all who are looking for an authentic religious life that combines spiritual substance and integrity with full individual freedom. Members are encouraged to form independent judgements and understanding of their own.

The seven sacraments and the gospels are understood to be spirit-inspired works that provide, together with the wisdom of Anthroposophy, the ‘bedrock’ of a modern Christian theology. There is no dogma. Priests and members pursue their own independent research out of a love and interest for the world and for all spheres of spiritual, artistic and scientific endeavour in human life. As a result, the ‘teachings’ in The Christian Community are rich, diverse and evolving.

There is room in this modern Christian theology to incorporate such ideas as reincarnation and karma, a truly cosmic conception of the Christ, and a broadened understanding of the working of the beings and life of the spirit worlds that weave behind the manifestations of the sense world. There is, for instance, the constant striving to understand and work together with the beings of the angelic realms and the souls of the Dead.