The Act of Consecration of Man

The Christian Community celebrates the Eucharist, the Sacrament of bread and wine, in a renewed form.  This renewal of the centre of all Christian sacramental life, the Mass, is called The Act of Consecration of Man.  It consists of four steps that reveal in sense-perceptible form what happens as a supersensible reality in the spirit at the threshold of the altar:

  • Gospel reading – hearing the divine word from the realm of the angels.
  • Offering – responding with an offering of our best soul forces borne by the water, wine and incense.
  • Transsubstantiation – the transformation of what has been offered through the deed of Christ.
  • Communion – receiving what is transformed as the healing power of the resurrection into our lives.

This inner structure is the archetypal path of all human striving for wholeness. The unusual name, The Act of Consecration of Man, implies the reconnecting of the human being with his spirit origin, which at the same time is his future.  Christ, who himself became human, is the leaven that raises us to our true humanity.  He gives his healing, transforming power to all who recognize Him, who seek Him, and who follow Him in freedom. The abundant, healing substance produced at the altar becomes available not only to those present but also to the souls of the Dead, and is taken up by the Community Angel where it is needed in the world.

Changing altar colours, vestments and prayers express the mood and character of the evolutionary path of the Christian Festivals through the year.

Visitors are always welcome. Your own experience will convey more than any description.