Founding and Carrying

The celebration of the first Act of Consecration of Man (the Christian Community Mass) constituted the birth of The Christian Community on the 16th September 1922 in Dornach, Switzerland. It was guided into being through the immeasurable and selfless help of Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), whose science of the spirit, Anthroposophy, has become a central source of renewal in the most varied fields of life.  Waldorf Education, Eurythmy, Bio-dynamic Agriculture, The Camphill Movement for the care of people with special needs, Anthroposophical Medicine, etc. all bear witness to this.

Dr Steiner’s assistance came in response to earnest questions from a group of German Lutheran theologians, including the eminent Berlin minister Dr. Friedrich Rittelmeyer, seeking appropriate Christian forms and content for the religious life of our time.

The Christian Community is not the ‘anthroposophists’ church’, although it is the only Christian church whose priests recognize the wisdom of Anthroposophy as a decisive aid for the broadening and renewal of the religious life in our time.

The Christian Community is an international movement with approximately 350 congregations in 27 countries. Each congregation is financially independent and is carried by voluntary contributions and donations from members and friends. Supporting the work of the congregations on an international level is The Foundation of the Christian Community made up of priests and lay-people.  The priesthood has at its centre a group called the Circle of Seven who stand responsible for all the priestly work world-wide. At the centre of this Circle of Seven stands the Erzoberlenker, currently Rev. Vicke von Behr.  The Circle of Seven and The Foundation have their offices and rooms in Berlin, Germany.

The work in Great Britain and Ireland began with Rev. Alfred Heidenreich’s founding of the first congregation in London in 1929.  Since then the work has grown to 14 congregations spread around the British Isles.