Movement for Religious Renewal

From time to time the development of humanity requires a spirit of renewal. We can observe this in world history and in our own personal lives. A true spirit of renewal not only enlivens and strengthens the place of human work in the world, but also opens the way for totally new impulses to flow into all life on Earth. Just such a spirit of renewal lies behind the founding of The Christian Community in 1922.

The Christian Community recognizes Christ’s deed of death and resurrection as the pivotal turning point for all Creation. His sacrificial deed of Love forged a new bridge between the World of Spirit and the World of the Senses, thereby initiating entirely new possibilities for co-working between human beings on Earth and beings of the Spirit.

Through Christ’s ever-present weaving and working in the sacraments, this renewing impulse continues to be available to us today. The christened substance produced in sacramental community becomes available as a source of genuine healing and renewal in the lives of individuals and in the life of the Earth and mankind as a whole.