Gender questions

From one point of view every human being has a masculine and feminine aspect to their inner make-up. It is part of humanity’s developmental journey that each individual gradually learn to ¬†find the healthy inner union of these two aspects in our being. A third, higher element is therefore called forth within us to rise up and and be master of this process – the universal human being within each one of us – our higher divine part that is neither male nor female. It is out of this place that every modern human being is called upon to work in our time. For this reason it is not only possible, but indeed necessary that both men and women be able to become priests in The Christian Community, irrespective of their sexual orientation. The Christian Community was, in 1922, the first Christian Church to ordain women as priests.

With this in the background it can also become clear that the true modern relationship between two human beings, if it is to have a truly spiritual dimension, again calls upon the highest within each one of us – this universal human being. The Christian Community therefore offers a special ritual where same-sex couples may have their partnership blessed before the altar.