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Regular Contributions

We rely on voluntary contributions and donations from members and friends.  If you would like to make a regular donation, you can download a form here: Standing Order Mandate

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Children’s Camps

Games, Singing, Art and Craft projects, Organic Farm food, Treasure Hunt, Hiking, Improvisation, Swimming, Pranks…

We hold annual Children’s Summer Camps at various venues out in the country. The basic principle of our camps is really that of creating experiences for the children where they can most wholly and truly be themselves. Every child is precious and has something important to bring to the world, regardless of their apparent challenges.

The camps are led by Aaron and Jessica Mirkin who have run such camps over many years in South Africa and England.  The helper team is made up of University and Upper School students as well as parents and friends who have been involved in our camps over the years. The camps are open to children from ages 7 -14 from all schools and backgrounds.

More details can be found on our camp web-site: 

Enquiries: Aaron & Judy Mirkin – 01453 299311