New Church construction up-date


Latest News – April 2019

There was a delay in the arrival of the cedar shingles from Canada but finally they arrived last week and and are now being put in place. See the Gallery for the latest pictures. One can see already what a special and beautiful picture the roofing will make when complete. Inside all the various electrics, piping and heating components are now being installed so it all looks a bit messy for now. Once that is completed the flooring can be done and the interior walls completed. Some will receive plasterboard and some be left as bare wood. the entire interior of the church itself will be left as bare wood.

Here is an interview that took place on the 20th Feb.  Faye Hatcher for BBC Radio Gloucestershire speaks with Aaron Mirkin about the new building.

Previous updates

As of the 20th February 2019 the entire Cross-laminate timber frame has now been erected by a specialist team from Ireland and scaffolding is now being erected to prepare for the construction of the larch shingle roof. As you will see in the pictures we even received a blessing of snow just as the final timbers were being put in place.

Some of us have the chance to look inside and are very satisfied indeed with the beauty that the geometry creates with the exposed wood grain. It is beyond our expectations and our gratitude goes out especially to our courageous and inspired architect Nic Pople and Structural engineers David Tasker and Peter-John Corbett whose close co-working have envisaged this inspiring design.

The contractors are expected to be completed by the middle of August 2019 after which we will begin the decorating, installation of cupboards and preparation of the spaces for the official opening and consecration on the 20th October 2019. See the invitation here.